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Dr. Mansoor Ahmad Presents




A powerful natural drug for Arthritis and Gout


ARTHRITIWELL is a highly effective and safe natural product .It is a food supplement to remedy arthritis, rheumatic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout and soft tissue inflammation.


ARTHRITIWELL is a powerful herbal medication for patients who are suffering from red, swollen, tender, painful or deformed joints and with morning stiffness.


ARTHRITIWELL is a complete cure for arthritis, rheumatic pain, gout and general weakness. It significantly improves clinical symptoms.


ARTHRITIWELL also induces significant improvement in joint and rheumatic pain. Furthermore, it helps in ameliorating the feelings of depression and tension. Consequently, the patient becomes cheerful and happy.

ARTHRITIWELL increases the frequency of urination, which result in ready removal of urates.


ARTHRITIWELL enhances and improves the natural desire and urge for the satisfactory performance of joints, which are deformed by the deposition of micro- crystalline urates.


ARTHRITIWELL removes the exudates of neutrophil leucocytes deposited in the synovial spaces and chronic inflammation of the synovial tissues.


ARTHRITIWELL has no contra-indications, drug interactions or adverse drug reactions.


ARTHRITIWELL has an excellent safety profile.


ARTHRITIWELL is also a useful for sexual and general weakness.†††††


ARTHRITIWELL can safely be administered in case of pregnancy, cardiovascular disorders including hypertension.


ARTHRITIWELL is a non-chemical, non-narcotic, non-steroidal combination and does not produce any side effect.


Dosage: Adult dose: 1 capsule twice a day before breakfast & Dinner. To enhance the activity of this medication the following is recommended:


In a cup of water dissolve a teaspoon honey + a teaspoon fruitís vinegar and drink after Ĺ hour of meal (Not recommended for Diabetic and Ulcer patients).


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