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Dr. Mansoor Ahmad Presents




An Oral Anti-diabetic Herbal Agent with Metabolic and Cardiovascular Activities



Dr. Mansoor Ahmad presents, an important revolutionary discovery, MYMODIBETES, this formulation not only induces normoglycaemia, but also fights against urinary tract infections, peripheral neuropathy and protects from cardiovascular complication i.e. myocardial infarction, peripheral vascular diseases, micro-thrombosis, and diabetic foot a common feature of diabetes mellitus.


MYMODIBETES is a fast action and safe remedy for diabetes. It is a special combination of medicinal herbs that are reported excellent for their potent action against diabetes, cardio-vascular, renal failure and digestive problems.

MYMODIBETES restores glycaemic stability through out 24 hours.


MYMODIBETES normalizes the glycaemia in fasting state and eliminates postprandial hyperglycemic peaks or reactional hypoglycemia.

MYMODIBETES fights against the micro-thrombosis by interfering on three factors, (i) it decreases the platelet adhesivity and aggregation, (ii) it prevents the abnormal fibrin deposition on the micro-vessel walls, and (iii) it opposes adrenalin vasoconstriction activity.

MYMODIBETES repairs tissue damaging in renal failure occur due to micro-vascular nephropathy in IDDM and protects from macro-vascular diseases become the cause of NIDDM.

MYMODIBETES is very effective in normalizing the thirst, polyuria, weight loss, ketoacidosis, blurring of vision, open angle glaucoma, cataracts and retinopathy.

MYMODIBETES controls urinary tract infections, peripheral neuropathy and protects from MI, peripheral vascular diseases, diabetic foot and common infections.

MYMODIBETES has no contra-indications, drug interactions or adverse drug reactions.

MYMODIBETES is a non-chemical, non-narcotic, non-steroidal combination and does not produce any side effect.

Dosage:†††††††††††††† One Capsule per day in general but 2 capsules per day are recommended in severe condition. ††


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