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Dr. Mansoor Ahmad Presents




A most potent and natural aphrodisiac



NIAGRA PLUS is a highly effective and ever safest sex stimulant.


NIAGRA PLUS is a powerful remedy for debilitated and weak patients who are suffering from diminished sexual performance.


NIAGRA PLUS is a complete cure for sexual and general weakness. In addition to improving the clinical symptoms


NIAGRA PLUS also induces significant improvement in mood and libido. As a result of sexual satisfaction, feelings of depression and tension are eliminated and replaced by cheerful and happy feeling. By removing the causes of sexual weakness and lethargy.


NIAGRA PLUS increases the frequency of sexual thoughts and as a result the man will be more readily aroused.


NIAGRA PLUS enhances and improves the passion, lust and sexual vigor, which is a natural desire and urge for the satisfactory performance of sexual activity.


NIAGRA PLUS is a non-chemical, non-narcotic, non-steroidal combination and does not entail any habit.


Indication and usage: Premature ejaculation, impotency, nocturnal emission, lack of sexual activity due to diabetes, senility and aging, nervousness and physical debility, muscles, joints and back pain especially after intercourse, exhaustion with anemia, anxiety and depression, neurasthenia and infertility due to lack of sexual activity.


Dosage and administration: One capsule twice a day: morning and at night with a glass of water or milk for ten days.


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