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Dr. Mansoor Ahmad Presents




A Powerful Safest Natural Drug for Peptic, Duodenal & Gastric Ulcer


NILCER†††† is a fast acting herbal remedy for the cure of multi-facet ulcer.


NILCER†††† induces significant improvement in intolerable ulcer pain, vomiting sensation, indigestion feeling, upper and lower abdominal pain. As a result of its use feelings of depression, tension and uneasiness are eliminated and replaced by cheerful and happy feeling.


NILCER†††† protects the mucosa, enhances its ability to secrete mucus and bicarbonate ions, its blood flow and its capacity rapidly to replace damaged epithelial cells.


NILCER†††† can alter the balance towards healing and prevention of recurrence of ulcer in the following way: reduction of acid secretion by histamine H2-receptor, neutralization of secreted acid and enhancement of mucosal resistance by various mechanisms.


NILCER†††† is being recognized as being effective for gastric, duodenal, peptic ulcer and their overall management. Spontaneous ulcer healing can be achieved by cessation of smoking, spicy and fatty food.


NILCER††††††† can safely be administered in case of pregnancy, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and hypertension.


NILCER††††††† is a non-chemical, non-narcotic, non-steroidal combination and does not produce any side effect.


NILCER †††††† has no contra-indication, drug interaction and/or side effects.


Dosage: ††††††††† For all age group: One capsule on empty stomach early in the morning with honey or milk.††


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